What is Visual Stress


If you or your child struggles reading, visual stress could be making reading and writing even more difficult. If you or your child complains or shows signs of any of the following then our glasses may help remove these barrier.

  • Struggling to concentrate when reading
  • Rubbing their eyes when reading
  • Headaches when reading
  • Says the letters jump about or fall off the page
  • Blur of print or letters blending together
  • Page too bright
  • Letters muddling
  • Text becomes distorted
  • Struggling with reading
  • A visual discomfort not mentioned above
  • Avoid reading in any way possible

HAPPYEYE glasses intend to reduce or stop visual stress. A lot of research has been done and we await a scientific explanation for the reason people suffer from it.  It is thought that the reason people can experience visual stress is due to the fact that some of the signals from the eye to the brain do not get there complete. The brain will then try to filter out the incorrect information. This means that you can sees a different picture than what is actually there. This may results in a person seeing letters jumping about on the page or they appear to be moving. Letters could cross over each other along with other visual experiences.  

When bright light is filtered out many people report that they see an improvement in the signals from the eye to the brain. They report that the words can become clearer, stop blending together and reduce the moving around.  The glasses filter out the light. It is thought that many children with dyslexia will have a visual stress. This does not mean all of them will. You also do not need to have dyslexia to suffer from visual stress.

Sadly, many children think the way in which they are seeing the letters is what everyone else sees. Ask your child if any of the above happens to them. It is already difficult enough for children with dyslexia as they have to learn to read in a different way then what is currently taught in most schools.  Imagine that your child is also seeing the text in a different way as well as struggling reading the words, making it even harder for them to learn to read.

When your child is suspected of having dyslexia or are struggling with reading your school will try them with coloured overlays. Children tend to prefer one or two colours saying they make the letters clearer. The glasses should work in the same way. They are an alternative to overlays. They filter some of the bright light and remove the glare. Your school may already be using the glasses instead of overlays as they are the perfect solution for their classroom.

  The glasses can also have a placebo effect even if your child doesn't have a visual stress and is struggling with their confidence. The glasses will not fix Dyslexia or any other diagnoses. They are for visual stress and are an alternative to overlays. The glasses are an all round solution for you or your child. Where overlays can be used for reading, our glasses can be used for reading, writing and any other time where letters and shapes are involved. They give your child the freedom to learn.

 It is still very important that you or a child you are purchasing Happyeye glasses for get regular eye tests and ensure any persistent headaches have been checked by a health professional. 

The tinted glasses required maybe different from the colour of overlay you are using. This is why we let customers exchange the colour of glasses as many times as required and if none of our tints help, we will refund you in full.

We acknowledging that many suffers of visual stress do need a precision tint. For these people they will need to invest  in for example irlens or cerium glasses.