Robert Longhurst BSc (Hons) MCOptom FBDO is a qualified Dispensing Optician and Registered Optometrist. He is a member of the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA) as a Neuro-Optometrist and specialises in coloured lenses and their use in visual dyslexia. He is also the founder of The Visual Dyslexia Centre. We asked him what he thought of Happy Eye:

"When I first saw Happy Eye, I was concerned -- I've helped design coloured lenses and prescribing systems for visual dyslexia and the precision needed and the costs involved are substantial. How good can glasses for visual stress be when they are just £19.95? I ordered a pair to find out. I was very impressed.

Happy Eye glasses are available in a small yet adequate range of colours. They are tinted with specialist tints, which on analysis are not too dissimilar from those employed in my own precision tinting system. These tints are not the same as those used in sunglasses; they have been specifically designed to aid reading in the majority of cases of visual dyslexia. They work really well!

In fact, having trialled them in my own clinic, many patients find them to be just as good as, and sometimes better than, Cerium, Irlen, and even my own Coloroid products! They are not, however, intended to be an alternative to prescribed tinted lenses. They are, instead, a cost effective alternative to overlays, which are the coloured plastic sheets some people place over text when they read. They are better than overlays in that they will help with board work and with writing.

While it is true that the most suitable colour for glasses is often different to that used for overlays, Happy Eye glasses should still work well. In addition, they are good quality and extremely good value.

Where somebody has had their eyes tested by an Optometrist and there is no prescription necessary, I would certainly recommend Happy Eye glasses and, indeed, regularly do so! In fact, The Visual Dyslexia Centre certify Happy Eye glasses for use in visual dyslexia. At a fraction of the cost compared to similar products and backed by a money back guarantee, you cannot really go wrong!"
Robert Longhurst BSc (Hons) MCOptom FBDO

I am a Dispensing Optician and have experience in Irlens and Cerium products. I also suffer from severe dyslexia, migraine and visual stress. In the past I have used overlays and tinted glasses produced by both Irlens and Cerium. In the course of my professional work I have also dispensed many pairs of tinted glasses for visual stress.
A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me whether I would recommend HappyEye glasses as she had seen them on the internet and was impressed with how inexpensive they were. At the time I hadn’t seen them, but knowing how expensive other products were, advised her she had nothing to lose in trying them as long as an eye test had been done first. She gave such good reports that when I was approached by HappyEye to review them I jumped at the chance to see them for myself.
I have been very impressed with the quality of the lenses and frames. They use very good quality lenses which have UV protection, and can so safely be worn outside. The frames use a moulded production process that allows the cost to be kept to a minimum. This is very important with children in particular as with the best will in the world, they will get broken and lost.
I have a 17 year old and a 5 year old, so I asked them to give me their opinion too. Both were impressed and pointed out that they would help with ‘whiteboard work’. In fact, I have been so impressed that I have arranged to obtain a set of the glasses to bring into my 5 year olds primary school so that they can be used by pupils there.
Whilst I was reviewing the HappyEye glasses, I suffered a migraine brought on by trying to read a 1915 weaving text book which was printed in Times New Roman. I had left my very expensive specifically tinted ‘dyslexia’ glasses in my husbands’ car and so didn’t have them to hand. The moment of truth of how well HappyEye glasses worked for me, was when I decided to try the nearest colour glasses to my own. I was very impressed at how quickly my symptoms of visual stress and migraine were relieved by something that was 1/10th of the cost of what I had paid for my glasses. Since then I have got a couple of pairs of HappyEye glasses and keep them near to hand. They are just the right depth of tint for reading both inside and when enjoying the sunshine.
Janice Jeal FBDO

Dawn from Scotland.. My son (11yrs) was identified as having dyslexia about three years ago and we had him assessed for visual stress about 18 months ago. I didn't feel his colour (green) made enough of a difference to his reading to justify the £150 glasses prescribed but we did invest in some green coloured overlays. We used these during our nightly paired reading ritual but I decided to invest in a pair of Happy Eye glasses for him when I saw them so reasonably priced on Facebook. 
Since then I have found myself suffering headaches after reading with him because we stopped using the coloured overlay. I have now invested in a pair of glasses for myself, although after using the online 'test' I found purple to be the most comfortable. I have noticed the biggest difference when reading emails etc on screen and my son finds the glasses most useful when completing worksheets at school, where the overlay was a nuisance. 
As a Support for Learning teacher, I signpost parents to Happy Eye glasses and we have a sample set in school for youngsters to try. And as chairperson of our local Dyslexia Scotland Branch, I also recommend them to our members as a possible support for those with dyslexia and/or visual stress. 
Thank you to Happy eye for producing such an affordable product and providing a great service.
Rebecca Martin  Wow. So impressed with these. Arrived today. My 9 year old daughter loves them and feels confident wearing them. I have seen an improvement straight away. Superb idea and far better quality than I expected. Amazing. Thank you. X

Zoe Moorcroft  Thank you so much for Ryan's glasses. He wore them today and was happy to read my shopping list to me and was fascinated by all the road signs in the car. Very happy 7 year old!
Heather Smith I am so pleased to see pages like this I myself have dyslexia as did my young brother I have nieces and nephews and a daughter who also have this but was never told about these hope they give the youngsters today a great help x

Gillian Mercer  I purchased these glasses for my 9 year old son at the start of the year, I had been considering giving them a go for several months but I eventually thought I would take the plunge and give them a shot as after all i had tried all other kinds of things to help with his dyslexia. I honestly can't praise them enough he loves wearing them, they arrived the very next day and he hasn't had them off since. I have been getting really positive feedback that they are actually making his reading a lot easier and I just can't thank you enough as any parent who has a child with dyslexia will appreciate how hard is and to have this excellent product that my son loves at a very affordable price is 5 stars to me.

Hayley Hogben Well my 7 year old excitedly tried his glasses on tonight, looked at a page of his reading book before trying them on and then when he had the glasses on. Told me the words were much much clearer to him and he can't wait to wear them at school tomorrow. Very fast delivery couldn't be happier with the service.Catherine Stephenson I highly recommend these to others and the parents of younger dyslexics and those with visual stress.They are very lightweight and not too obtrusive to wear at school or work.
It is difficult for those who do not need a product such as these glasses to understand just how much difference they make.
I was only formally diagnosed with dyslexia, scototopic sensitivity ect 2 years ago at the age of 39. Spending the whole of my formal education as the intelligent one with the poor spelling, grammer and maths ability. 

I had devised so many coping strategies throughout my education and working life that they become second nature. It still caused me to become very shy and uncomfortable about writing or reading in public. 

I have always adored books and reading to now be able to read in a more relaxed manner is an indescribable pleasure. 
Thank you
Cathi Robin So happy with my purchase. My sons reading so much easier now his letters aren't bouncing around and his confidence has increased too.
Glenn Helen Baker Amazing service with fantastic information on the things I was unsure on. Thank you very much one happy little girl going to school.
Michaella Mckeague the glasses are amazing such a big help to my reading! very impressed and great quality glasses I wear them all the time thank you!!! :)
Libbymae Dinmore
Got my glasses the other day and all I can say is that they have been amazing and have truly helped. The world is a calmer place now and i can now say a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders with my glasses. If it weren't for happy eye I would have never seen such an improvement. I am looking forward to seeing more improvements in the future would recommend these to anyone. If I could give more than five stars I would!!! 

Dear Happy Eye
Thank you for my magic glasses, they have made a big improvemment to my reading.  It is very convenient for me because I have a very busy life and have not got time to be fussing with overlays.  I play brass instruments and the paper the music is on is white which is very hard to read with an overlay, the magic glasses are so much better and easier to use.  Also it has made a big improvement in my maths, english, science, well every subject really, so thank you again for my magic glasses."
Faye Speakman YR7
I myself would like to say
"The glasses have given my daughter so much more confidence with her school work and she is even reading for pleasure, which is a first!  She now takes her reading glasses everywhere.  I am so pleased with the service and the product and would not hesitate to recommend them, in fact I already have.  Thank you for helping my daughter see the world like many of us take for granted."

Mazza Asche
 – 5 starAmazing glasses !!! Such a fabulous alternative to overlays! Cannot speak highly enough of the benefits and quality in theses! Well worth the investment! Thank you Happy Eye ! At last!!! X

Lauren Glover – 5 starJust bought these for my son who has irlens syndrome ,after loosing his pair of official irlens lenses that cost me a small fortune I'd bought these as a temporary replacement he says they help him equally as much as his other glasses do I shall continue with these and save myself a fortune x

Glenn Helen Baker – 5 starAmazing service with fantastic information on the things I was unsure on. Thank you very much one happy little girl going to school.