Larger blue adult frame


Suitable for age 14 upwards. The Happyeye new larger frame has arrived 

Symptoms of Visual Stress

Is there glare from the page

Do you rub your eyes a lot when reading

Does the text move or overlap on the page

Is the text fuzzy

Does the text muddle or join up

Does your child avoid reading at any cost

Do you struggle to concentrate

Do you find it difficult to keep your place when reading

Do you get headaches when reading for a period of time

Now what?

Once you have looked at the different test pages you may find one or two of the coloured backgrounds help. If this is the case order the tints in the coloured background that appeared to reduce the visual stress. It is important to note that the colour of background and overlay can be different when in tinted glasses in a small amount of people. We recognise this and therefore if you order a pair and they don’t help we will exchange the glasses as many times as required and offer a full refund if none help. Based on our sales we currently exchange 1.5 in every 100 pairs sold. Tinted glasses will not make the world the same colour as the tints like an overlay does. This is because the brain adapts quickly as it knows for example the world is not green. This does not stop the glasses from working.

Happyeye glasses are an alternative to overlays. Overlays can only be used for reading; HAPPYEYE glasses are an all-round solution offering an individual with visual stress freedom to access all text. They can be used for reading, writing and when the teacher is using the whiteboard or projector and computer. They can also be worn outside.


Condition New